Agriloro, more than a winery.


Meinrad C. Perler, founder ofAgriloro SA has always had a strong link with agriculture. Son of farmers, born and raised in the canton of Fribourg and moved at the age of 25 to a completely different profession, he decided in 1981 Ticinoto acquire the "Tenimento dell’Ör", in the municipality of Arzo, thus returning to his origins. The estate is very old and is already mentioned in documents from the 18th century as one of the most important vineyards in Mendrisiotto.

Meinrad C. Perler

From its acquisition, the estate began a path of viticultural renewal initially based on the regional viticultural tradition, but then increasingly influenced by the passion for experimentation and innovation that Meinrad C. Perler has acquired over time and for which Reiner Zierock, German agronomist and researcher, has made a strong contribution to the winery's viticultural and oenological approach.

Another great leap forward was made in 2002 with the purchase of the "La Prella" estate in Genestrerio, a hamlet of Mendrisio. In both vine cultivation and winemaking we try to operate as much as possible using natural and respectful methods. Much of the production and almost all the specialities are aged in barriques. In 1989 an ageing cellar was also purchased in Mendrisio, built under the slopes of Monte Generoso.


Team Agriloro


In our properties you can breathe the scent of an ancient land, where the traditions and rhythm of nature is still present in every gesture.

Ör containment

The "Tenimento dell’Ör", an ancient wine-growing estate dating back to 1700, is located in Arzo, a hillside hamlet in the municipality of Mendrisio. The magnificent southern exposure, very sunny and windy, make it a privileged place for the cultivation of vines. The vineyard at an altitude of 460/520m above sea level has an area of 11 hectares, 8 of which are vineyards. The estate is located at the foot of Monte San Giorgio, listed as a cultural heritage by UNESCO thanks to the numerous fossil and archaeological finds discovered. The vineyard has been completely renovated over the years with the planting of 28 varieties of vines.

La Prella Winery

Following the move from Arzo to Genestrerio, the company has been able to make a considerable leap forward in terms of rationalisation of production operations, returning to operate in technologically and logistically ideal conditions.

Tenimento La Prella

The company, rich in history, is located in the hilly part of Genestrerio at an altitude of 350 m above sea level and has an area of 23 hectares, 12 of which are vineyards. Thanks to its geographical location and its viticultural peculiarities, the Estate has allowed the oenological production of the Agrilorowine to reach an excellent balance. The production in this winery is mainly based on the cultivation of the Merlot vine, even if with the slow renewal of the vineyards several complementary varieties are being introduced such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamaret. Also present are the Chardonnay and the Sémillon.

Grottino Mendrisio

In Mendrisio, under the slopes of Monte Generoso, in via alla Cantine, we have an exhibition space on 3 levels, used for dinners, business meetings, small exhibitions.
In collaboration with some catering companies, we offer you the possibility to dine / lunch while tasting our products.


Visit of the winery and tasting at Tenimento la Prella in Genestrerio

Guided tours program:
- Visit of the cellar and barrique cellar with explanations of the different winemaking techniques.
- Tasting of 6 wines with technical description.

Price from 25 CHF per person.
We are open from Monday to Saturday by appointment at the following numbers:
+41 91 640 54 54 or +41 79 242 55 23

A wine tasting

Lunch or dinner with tasting at the Grottino Mendrisio

In collaboration with some catering companies, we offer you the possibility to dine/dance tasting our products.

A minimum number of 20 people is required.
For information on availability and prices please contact us at +41 91 640 54 54 or at info@agriloro.ch